Do You Know What Would Happen to Your Kids or Grandkids in an Emergency?

CHERP™ is a Children’s Emergency Response Plan that YOU create to decide who will care for your children…

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What does a CHERP do?

A CHERP helps you legally name long term guardians and authorize temporary delegates who could respond to your children in an emergency– these are people who you trust, that know your children, and who your children love. A CHERP lets sitters, family, police and paramedics know what to do so that your kids do not have to be taken into protective custody or end up foster care.

Allows YOU to chose who takes legal custody of your minor children in the short term, and long term. Keep your children safe and loved in the familiar care of friends, family, and neighbors.

Puts clear and concise legally effective documentation and instructions in the hands of those you name.

Provides multiple notifications for First Responders with the names and phone numbers of your local temporary guardians. Critical to ensure seamless care of your children while permanent guardians arrive, or the parents return.

Builds community by empowering parents, family, friends, and neighbors to bypass the overburdened government system and take control.

Saves the named permanent guardians thousands of dollars in legal fees, custody battles, and in most cases, the need for a court appointed caseworker.

Peace of mind that you have your ducks in a row.

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Case Studies*

What parents are saying:

Easy to set up and offers parents peace of mind. Thanks! -Emily P.
Great people. Great product. So reassuring. Changes the way I feel as a mom when I travel or am away from my kids. -Katie W.
Completing the guardianship with CHERP was quick, easy, intuitive. Much easier than expected. -Jody D.

What an easy way to assign guardians! Honestly, if it wasn’t for this program we probably would not have gotten this important work done. CHERP is easy to use and gave my husband and I peace of mind. I think all in all it took me 30 min. to do everything.
I highly recommend this service! -Amber P.
I’m so grateful for this program! Naming guardians and putting together a plan should the unthinkable happen felt urgent but felt daunting and time consuming. Cherp made the whole process a breeze. I can finally relax knowing that if our family is ever in this position, our children will go to known family and friends and not into the system while everything is sorted out. -Cassie F.

Praise From Legal Professionals:

“As a will and trust attorney who deals with young families with minor children, I highly
recommend the CHERP program and documents. All parents with minor children should have these documents as part of their estate planning in order to help protect their minor children.”
—Marc Carlson,
Carlson Law Offices

“As an estate planning firm that focuses on families with small children at home, CHERP is an outstanding product and a great tangible resource to share with parents. CHERP helps to motivate younger generations to plan for their future.”
—Matt Meuli,
Your Trusted Planner

“CHERP is a great idea brilliantly executed. It provides families with young kids the opportunity to solve perhaps the most difficult challenge in planning: deciding who will provide for little kids left behind and empowering those people to provide the best care. The founder, Martha Hartney, has thought more about these issues than any other attorney I know, and I would gladly use CHERP to provide the means by which my children’s guardians and caregivers are selected and empowered in the event anything were to happen to me.”
—Matt McClintock,
Evergreen Legacy Planning