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CHERP™ is a Children’s Emergency Response Plan that YOU create to decide who will care for your children…

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Easy to set up and offers parents peace of mind. Thanks! -Emily P.
Great people. Great product. So reassuring. Changes the way I feel as a mom when I travel or am away from my kids. -Katie W.
Completing the guardianship with CHERP was quick, easy, intuitive. Much easier than expected. -Jody D.

What an easy way to assign guardians! Honestly, if it wasn’t for this program we probably would not have gotten this important work done. CHERP is easy to use and gave my husband and I peace of mind. I think all in all it took me 30 min. to do everything.
I highly recommend this service! -Amber P.
I’m so grateful for this program! Naming guardians and putting together a plan should the unthinkable happen felt urgent but felt daunting and time consuming. Cherp made the whole process a breeze. I can finally relax knowing that if our family is ever in this position, our children will go to known family and friends and not into the system while everything is sorted out. -Cassie F.

Features & Benefits


Online, direct to consumer


Simple, fast, easy


Self-help legal plan


No need to get a lawyer for this portion of your plan


Name guardians for kids


Take care of this TO DO that you’ve known you need to do


At-home signing, witnessing and notarizing


No need to leave home even to get it formalized


Letters sent directly to your guardians with instructions


You know your temp guardians have received the paperwork with clear instructions on what to do in an emergency, how to care for the documents, and take it seriously


Comprehensive Emergency Alert System


Makes sure emergency personnel easily identify who to call to take care of your kids

What does a CHERP do?

A CHERP helps you legally name long term guardians and authorize temporary delegates who could respond to your children in an emergency– these are people who you trust, that know your children, and who your children love. A CHERP lets sitters, family, police and paramedics know what to do so that your kids do not have to be taken into protective custody or end up foster care.

Allows YOU to chose who takes legal custody of your minor children in the short term, and long term. Keep your children safe and loved in the familiar care of friends, family, and neighbors.

Puts clear and concise legally effective documentation and instructions in the hands of those you name.

Provides multiple notifications for First Responders with the names and phone numbers of your local temporary guardians. Critical to ensure seamless care of your children while permanent guardians arrive, or the parents return.

Builds community by empowering parents, family, friends, and neighbors to bypass the overburdened government system and take control.

Saves the named permanent guardians thousands of dollars in legal fees, custody battles, and in most cases, the need for a court appointed caseworker.

Peace of mind that you have your ducks in a row.

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Case Studies*

Tragic accident leaves toddler orphaned

A popular young couple was tragically killed in a car accident with their toddler on board. Their child survived. The couple had many family members nearby who were able to take the baby immediately after being examined by emergency personnel. The family was not able to find documentation as to who the parents wanted their child to be raised by long term. A caseworker and judge ultimately made the decision about who would raise the child, not the parents who never got around to naming a guardian for their baby.

If they’d had a CHERP: Emergency personnel would have easily been able to locate the family members who had legal authorization to take this child into their care. The parents would have been able to name the guardian they wanted for their child, reducing confusion, uncertainty, and legal costs. The justice system would have been spared from having to risk making the wrong decision.

With a Cherp, the police would have spared hours of time spent figuring out where the child goes.

Deportation & indefinite foster care

A non-citizen father was deported for a traffic infraction, leaving his little girl in the US in the care of an estranged and troubled mother. The child’s mother subsequently overdosed and the child was immediately taken into protective custody, then put in foster care. Neither parent named temporary or long term guardians for the child. The father could not afford the legal representation needed to retrieve his daughter.

If they’d had a CHERP: When this mother overdosed, the child would have had local caregivers who were legally authorized to take custody, contacting the father immediately. Even if the father were not able to afford legal representation in the US, the child would have been able to be placed with people the parents had pre-selected rather than default into the foster care system.

In addition, the permanent guardians would be able to apply to become foster care parents, funded.

Unforeseen demise, uncertain guardianship

An endurance athlete tragically died on a racecourse leaving a child with friends while racing. The child’s estranged grandparents were nearby and police located this next of kin and put the child in their care—despite their never having laid eyes on the child before. For several weeks, the child’s other grandparents, who knew and loved this child were unsure they’d ever see the child again. The parent, who had sole custody, never envisioned they would die so soon and so unexpectedly.

If they’d had a CHERP: This child would have been legally allowed to be placed in the care of friends, rather than unknown and possibly unhealthy relatives. The child’s grandparents would have been able to take immediate custody of their grandchild and know with confidence the child was safe and loved, despite the tragic loss of their only known parent.
With a CHERP, this parent could have confidentially named the unhealthy grandparents as ‘prohibited persons’, making it very difficult for them to obtain custody in court.

Tragedy out-of-state

A child was orphaned in an unspeakable act of violence in another state. The child was taken into protective custody and immediately placed in foster care in that state, away from every person known to her. The court in the foreign state must choose the guardian from among both sides of her parents’ families—none of which are healthy placements for her. The mother would likely have chosen a friend as the guardian but never documented her choice. The child is still in foster care in the other state.

If they’d had a CHERP: This child would have been able to be retrieved and returned to her home state in the arms of a loving friend at this most awful time of her life. The mother would have been able to select a non-family long term guardian for her child and ensure her child was raised in a familiar place with familiar people.

Tragic accident leaves three kids orphaned

A couple briefly left their three children at home in the care of the oldest, 13-year-old child to run an errand. They were tragically killed on the way home. Upon arrival at the family home to locate and notify next of kin, local police found the children at home alone. No family was located nearby so the officer, in a great act of mercy, instead of taking the children to the police station, was authorized to stay with the children at a local restaurant and playground where they waited for hours for the next nearest relative to arrive.

If they’d had a CHERP: These children would have been allowed to stay in their home with a pre-authorized temporary guardian until the permanent guardian had arrived. While the officer acted in a caring and merciful way, how much better it would have been had they not been taken from their home by a complete stranger.

In addition, without a cherp, a caseworker is assigned, and the courts still have to call the shots. The grandmother in this case was only given ‘physical’ custody until the court decided to name her the permanent legal guardian. With a CHERP, the grandmother would simply take her legally effective long term guardianship notarized document down to the court, and file a motion for legal custody.

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