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Gift a Complete CHERP® with Notary and Deployment System

Gift a Complete CHERP® with Notary and Deployment System


Rather than purchase a CHERP for yourself, pay it forward and purchase one for friends and family. We all deserve peace of mind. Help those you care about keep their children safe if they are unable to be there to protect them. CHERP helps parents delegate their authority to trusted individuals in the event that something happens to them. For each CHERP gifted, a free CHERP will be gifted to an immigrant family facing deportation.

What comes with a one time purchase?

  • Notarized Temporary Delegation of Parental Responsibilities (Effective in all 50 states)
  • Confidential Notarized Long-Term Guardianship Documentation (Effective in all 50 states)
  • One webcam electronic notary signing session for 2-4 documents from anywhere.  Witnesses included.  No limit to how many children you need to protect, nor how many guardians you name.
  • Temporary Delegate Letters and copies of the above Notarized Documents mailed to Delegates
  • Wallet ID Cards with your Temporary Delegates Names and Numbers
  • Glovebox Cards with Temp & Perm Delegates
  • CHERP Window Cling Stickers for your home and vehicles.
  • Medical Information CHERP Checklists for Schools, Camps, and other Caregivers
  • Laminated Babysitter Instructions and 5 additional copies
  • Car Seat Stickers
  • 5  Give10Get10  coupons for $10 off the recipients CHERP, and $10 back to you for up to $50 back on your purchase.
  • Deploying your CHERP Instructions
  • Custom CHERP SquawkScreen Lock Screen Image for all mobile phones in your household.
  • Peace of Mind that your kids are covered!
  • Unlimited access to our legal drafting system until documents are notarized.  Take as much time as you need.  Get started!  (purchase a CHERP-UPDATE for any changes)
  • No strings attached.
  • No other fees.
  • No selling of your information.
  • No need for sensitive personal data like social security numbers, bank accounts, etc..
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CHERP® is a Children’s Emergency Response Plan. It tells emergency responders who should care for your kids if you something tragic happens to you.


3775 Iris Avenue, Suite 4
Boulder, CO, 80301
Phone: 855 55 CHERP (855 552-4377)