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Rapid Deployment eCHERP® with Notary

Rapid Deployment eCHERP® with Notary


About to take off on a trip and need to name guardians for your children RIGHT NOW?! This rapid-deployment CHERP is designed for parents who need temporary guardians and permanent guardians in place immediately.

Purchase your eCHERP and notarize from your smartphone with a valid US ID within 15 minutes. This is a totally 100% online, email delivery.  We highly recommend, if you can, spend the extra money to purchase a full CHERP, which contains the thorough law enforcement alert system to help first responders identify and contact your children's guardians quickly and easily.

eCHERP helps you assert your parental rights by delegating your authority to trusted individuals. You love your kids; an eCHERP helps to keep your children in the legal care of loved ones and helps prevent them being taken into protective custody because you're not there to care for them.

This is what an eCHERP will provide from your computer, tablet, or smartphone (you must have internet access, a webcam and a valid ID for our eNotary):

Your time is precious.  How much is it worth? Using our online notary will save you at least 2 hours.

  • Notarized Temporary Delegation of Parental Responsibilities (Effective in all 50 states)
  • Confidential Notarized Long-Term Guardianship Documentation (Effective in all 50 states)
  • One webcam/smartphone electronic notary signing session with witnesses for 2-4 documents from anywhere.
  • Peace of Mind that your kids are covered!
  • Unlimited access to our legal drafting system. Take as much time as you need (but don't delay!) After initial eNotary session, purchase a CHERP-UPDATE for changes to guardianship.

What you DO NOT get:

  • You do not get the printed CHERP packet and alert system (Wallet ID cards, Custom SquawkScreens, Glovebox Cards, CHERP Checklists, Babysitter Instructions, home and car Window Clings, temporary delegation letters, Deploying your CHERP Instructions, car seat stickers, and give10get10 cards.  For these items, please purchase a full CHERP!
  • No strings attached.
  • No other fees.
  • No selling of your information.
  • No need for sensitive personal data like social security numbers, bank accounts, etc.


CHERP® is a Children’s Emergency Response Plan. It tells emergency responders who should care for your kids if you something tragic happens to you.


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