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Our Story

CHERP™ is a protective action plan designed by mother, estate planning attorney, legal trainer, and lecturer, Martha Hartney.
Our team consists of two parents who want to make sure you have the peace of mind knowing your kids are always cared for by people chosen by you! It is also our hope that, by helping parents create these plans in advance of a tragedy, we could reduce the number of children entering the foster care and judicial systems throughout the country.

Meet the CHERP® TEAM

Martha Hartney, Founder

Martha Hartney

Owner, Founder

Martha is a mother, legal trainer, estate planning attorney practicing in Colorado, and the founding principle of CHERP. She is committed to helping parents take exquisite care of our precious little ones in every situation, even the most tragic. Martha has served hundreds of families with their estate planning needs in her career, and has trained hundreds of other estate planning attorneys in the proper legal care of children. She has dedicated herself to helping as many parents take control over their legal lives as possible by bringing the first phase of family estate planning, taking care of our children, to every family in America. Martha is a lecturer and writer on many aspects of parenting: death & disability; the importance of meaning and legacy in planning; and the law.

E-mail: info@gocherp.com
Phone: (855) 55-CHERP


Timothy Ackerman

Co-Founder & CTO of CHERP.  Founder and CEO of KLADOS.

Timothy is extremely thankful and humbled to have the opportunity to work beside these amazing people. Each one of them bringing forth their gifts and their passion to make this project become reality. After 19 years in the tech industry, he is proud to be finally creating something with passion and purpose. Timothy created the KLADOS Asset Intake Solution for Estate Planners, integrated with the CHERP database.

E-mail: info@gocherp.com
Phone: (855) 55-CHERP


CHERP™ is a Children’s Emergency Response Plan. It tells emergency responders who should care for your kids if you something tragic happens to you.


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Phone: 855 55 CHERP (855 552-4377)